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Cool Product of the Moment

Max-Air 35 High Pressure Compressor

This month's cool product doesn't have any wheels on it, and definitely doesn't have any turbines; on the other hand, it does have a bunch of pistons.

When I decided to convert my JFS-100 turboshaft engine over to an air start for my Formula Turbokart project, I realized I'd need a source of very high pressure air. Having just come back from a SCUBA diving trip, I realized that the best way would be to use SCUBA cylinders. However, there will be times when we'll be out with the go kart and won't have time to have the cylinders filled at a dive shop. So we went out and bought the Max-Air 35 High Pressure Breathing Air Compressor.

The Max-Air 35 is a self contained, compact, lightweight, and easy to carry high pressure compressor capable of filling SCUBA cylinders to over 3000 psi. The compressor is driven by a 5.5 horsepower OHV Honda gasoline engine. The engine turns a belt drive which drives the air cooled, 4 stage reciprocating compressor. The compressor breathes through a gauze filter and a long snorkel to keep the air intake far away from the engine exhaust. Each compressor stage is followed by an intercooler which cools the air and allows it to be compressed further. After the fourth stage, the air passes through a condenser which removes any moisture from the air, and then through an air filtration system, which removes any impurities from the air, since it is meant to produce breathable air. The air then passes through a pressure maintaining valve, which only opens above 100 bar, an electric engine shutoff pressure switch, and a final relief valve, before exiting through a high pressure hose to a yoke connection for SCUBA cylinders.

Air output is 4.2 cfm and maximum pressure is well over 300 bar. The compressor is said to be able to fill a standard 80 cu/ft cylinder in about one half hour, and the unit weighs 85 lbs., just about the same as a JFS-100.

The Max-Air 35 is a neat little unit that will allow me to charge up my SCUBA cylinders to start Formula Turbokart. It is also portable so I will be able to bring it to the track to top off the cylinders as we use them.

For more information, go to www.max-air.com


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