Home of the Jet Powered Go Kart, and More!  



Turbokart- Our Original Jet Powered Go Kart

Formula Turbokart - 100 Horsepower Turboshaft Powered Kart

Small Turbine Boat- 19 Foot Baja Sport Boat with a 317 shp Turbine

Medium Turbine Boat- Powered by a 1,370 shp General Electric T58

Project X- Home built turbocharger based turbine engine with a twist...

Turbo eXciter Kart- Turbocharged 225cc 4 stroke Go Kart

Turbo 'Busa Kart- 3 wheeled kart powered by a turbo Hayabusa Engine

Boeing 502-6 Turboshaft- 160 SHP free shaft turbine engine.

Solar T62T-32 APU- 160 Horsepower Auxiliary Power Unit.

Solar T41 Turbo Genset- 50 Horsepower Auxiliary Power Unit




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